Having a tiny courtyard or balcony doesn’t mean missing out on the enjoyment of a garden. Here are five tips to help make your outdoor area feel bigger.

1. Plan
Start by deciding what the area is for, whether it’s entertaining, having a quiet space, a kids’ play zone, or maybe your own little garden. Once you know what you want, it’s easier to make the most out of the space.

2. Choose furniture wisely
Don’t f ill the courtyard with furniture if you’re creating a fun play area. Alternatively, if you’re hosting dinners for friends you’ll need more than just a small table for two. Measure out how much space you have so that when you’re shopping for furniture you buy something that actually fits.

3. Add greenery
Make a garden out of your courtyard with some garden boxes to keep everything contained – then you can enjoy lush greenery without t he courtyard looking like an abandoned forest. Lining walls with potted plants can also bring some life to the area while keeping it tidy.

4. Keep it simple
Small spaces and clutter don’t mix. Try having just one focus of attention: a small water feature mixed in-between some plants can help balance out the space, while a mirror can reflect light to maximise the natural sunlight. 5. Get creative Your courtyard or balcony might offer limited ground space, but when you consider what you can put on walls or hang from above your options grow. Pot plants, lights and small decorations al l work well.

Designing an outdoor space doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Focus on what you enjoy, and you’ll be enjoying your new, improved courtyard in no time.


Author:  Alan Faint, http://www.hfcahobart.com.au/